MKS F1 International

We are a professional and realistic f1 league with a nice community. You can race 1 times a week and fight for the championship! Class catch-ups and exiting races we have in abundance.

**What days do we race on?**

*Tier 1 - Saturday, 6PM BST
Tier 2 - Saturday, 6PM BST*

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PRL - Project Racing League

PRL is a new league going into its first season on both xbox and PC. PRL aims to be a well established league with clean drivers so if you fit the brief feel free to join all skill levels are allowed and if your not the fastest feel free to join and you can learn from some of our faster drivers.

**What days do we race on?**

*Xbox Tier 1 - Wednesday, 6PM BST
Xbox Tier 2 - Coming soon!
Xbox F2 - Tuesday 6PM BST
Xbox 5 lapper series - Friday, 7:30PM BST
PC Tier 1- Friday, 6PM BST*

What makes us unique?

What makes our league unique is our race format. While for the first race of the season we use the standard short qualifying and 50% race distance, throughout the rest of the season the grid order is reverse championship order. This invites slower or less experienced drivers to have to race the faster drivers which will help them improve and learn from them while at the same time giving the faster drivers a fresh challenge which they wont experience in other leagues.

We also have a 5 lapper series and Formula 2 series which will be run on both xbox and PC. We also have a PlayStation tier on its way and different series's such as the Realistic Performance series and many more in the future.

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SQRL is a fun league with an exciting atmosphere, banter is allowed and even encouraged, In our league there is no such thing as an admin that abuses his power and always bans people. We also regularly do 5 lappers for fun with other people online.

We also play other games like FIFA and we have our own Pro Clubs

To get more info about the assists and everything else, feel free to message me or type it in the chat when you join the league

18 minute Qualifying 50% race

**What days do we race on?**

*Sunday 7 Pm BST*

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TSRC is a small yet aspiring league who are looking to expand their grids on all 3 of their Divisions. In our Division 1, we have some big names from PSR, NRX, and many other big eSport teams which really shows the quality of drivers we have at the biggest level. Division 2 is an extremely competitive division, with a lot of the grid close together in pace. And in Division 3 we are looking to help people develop their racing skills and then hopefully get them ready for the higher Divisions!

**What days do we race on?**

*Division 1 - Sunday, 8pm BST
Division 2 - Sunday, 8:30pm BST
Division 3 - Sunday, 8:30pm BST*

What makes us unique?

TSRC are mostly a community-driven league, we do not necessarily care about building up lots of divisions, we just want to build a big community who can all laugh and joke with each other whilst also competing with each other on track!

TSRC are also looking for potential streamers to stream and commentate races when our current commentators team can’t, this is so that we can promote our league even further to the league racing community.

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RRL - Rivals Racing League

We are RRL. We are a up and coming Racing League who are looking for full time or reserve drivers to take to the grid and make themselves known as the driver to beat. We welcome all types of drivers, young or old. Aslong as you're mature and follow RRL TOS and Discord TOS, then you will be welcomed with open arms.

**What days do we race on?**

*Tier 2 - Saturday, 8:00pm BST
Tier 1 - Sunday, 8:00pm BST*

What makes us unique?

We're a community driven league. All the community gets input on things we add, do or plan. We welcome everyone's opinion, and everyone's voices to be heard.

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[F1RL] - [Formula 1 Racing League]

We are a well-organised and competitive but fairly new league looking for new recruits going into our second season!

Don’t fancy driving? That’s fine too as we’re currently looking for Team Principles to integrate into our league with the goal to have a fully functional driver market/transfer window system in the near future!

Each and every race is also live streamed with live commentary so if you simply want to spectate and talk about F1 or motorsport in general then you are more than welcome here!

**What days do we race on?**

*Tier 1 - Sunday, 5:10pm GMT (Subject to clashes with IRL races)*

What makes us unique?

I think the fact that our races are now live streamed makes us quite unique as it gives drivers the opportunity to get their 'day in the sun' and makes winning ever more lucrative. It also helps that we have a driver market system as it means each driver has to fight for their place on the grid

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ARL - Agozi Racing League